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Undercover Business Consultant

Undercover Business Consulting

Undercover Business Consulting

One of the most effective ways a business can manage their business from the inside-out, is by bringing in an outside troubleshooting consultant, to go "undercover" in the capacity of an Employee, Supplier or Customer.

As a Business Troubleshooter™ I lead the way in this type of "Undercover Business Troubleshooting" Consulting Service. My Undercover Service is the most in depth and broad analysis a company or organization can get anywhere.

Undercover consulting can be used in a wide range of sectors to provide a constant barometer of sales and marketing initiatives or as a measure of the overall customer journey.
It is a tried and tested research method that can provide objective feedback across many of a company's key support functions including, physical store visits, contact centres and online channels.
Customers interact with your business in many different ways and my services adapt to reflect your business model.

I provide a way for companies to gather information about their business to improve customer service, training and overall operation.

The reporting process will include all findings and make recommendations that will help it become more efficient, competitive, and more profitable as well as helping the business fine tune efficiency, cut costs and waste, and create a competitive advantage.

I have the techniques, insight and creativity to help you plan and execute the proper and most effective Undercover Business Troubleshooting Consulting Service. This can include visiting the business as a secret shopper or working at one or more jobs or locations for a set period of time in order to understand the inner workings of the business.

The way of the future, is bringing in an outside Business Troubleshooter "Undercover" to gather the critical information your business is looking for.  Each case I work on is completely different, so the assignments are custom-made to fit each business situation.

There are virtually thousands of scenarios, where businesses may need to gather information.  It all starts with a free consultation which allows you to become familiar with my services, and it will allow me to become familiar with your business and creatively come up with a plan to troubleshoot your business. As a Business Troubleshooter™ I can provide ways in which to effectively help businesses grow and become more efficient, competitive, and profitable in the marketplace.

By observing and interviewing staff as they work, I can help you identify and solve practical issues, find new business opportunities and help employees with their customer service skills.

I provide my clients with prioritised, practical and achievable recommendations for improvements that not only benefit the business, but staff and customers as well.

Undercover Industries I Serve.

Hotels and resorts, golf clubs and tourism related venues, etc.

Creating lasting impressions and maintaining impeccable service standards for the guest dictates a multi-faceted approach to the customer experience.

Retail stores, restaurants, fast food, banks, petrol stations, car dealerships, health clubs, etc.

Retailers have experienced unprecedented challenging times due to the economy. Staying connected to your customer’s every desire has a whole new meaning.

Supermarkets / Chemists.
Staying competitive demands the need to delight and not just satisfy. Customers are your fair-weathered friend, it’s your responsibility to be loyal to them.

Mystery Shopper

Want to know what your customers really think? Looking for ways to improve your operation or provide feedback to team members? The mystery shopper visits can provide you with a comprehensive report to keep your business moving in the right direction. Your tailored report will provide a timely feedback for continuous improvement. You can choose a ‘one-off’ visit or an ongoing program.

So instead of sitting there wondering what the outcome would be if you became an undercover boss, why not contact me to discuss how I can take on that role for you?

'I'm interested, what next'?
There is no time like the present to get started on your short term and long term business goals.

Need Help Today? Call me NOW on 0435 317 742 for an OBLIGATION FREE consultation.

Action - Results - Problems Sorted

Vincent McDade / Business Troubleshooter™

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