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An Affordable SEO Tune Up Package

Is it Time for an SEO Tune-Up? 
Does your website need a tune up? The right approach will result in your website marketing running like clockwork.

The SEO Tune-Up is designed for those that know their site could do better with Professional Search Engine Optimisation, and are not ready to commit to a monthly contract, or don't have a budget for a long-term SEO program.

I've found that many small businesses don't want extensive, time-consuming SEO work done. They're looking for a tune-up, and a thorough check-up of key SEO factors; and a friendly, guiding hand to make sure their website does not contain critical SEO mistakes and is sending the most important signals to the search engines for rankings etc.

My SEO Tune-Up will quickly improve your rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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Affordable SEO Tune Up Packages
SEO Troubleshooter
It's perfect for small businesses, start up websites, and those that are not generating significant revenue...yet.

No Monthly SEO Contract, One Time Fee and Proven Results In Weeks.

  • I will set you up for success by focusing on the most important, high-level SEO factors
  • Work with you to identify your business's unique value position target market, and strategy
  • Increase Traffic, Sales and Leads to your Website
  • Bring you more Targeted Visitors
  • Ensure that the structure of the website is set up properly to provide a solid platform for SEO
  • Remove elements that would actively prevent your site from appearing in search results
  • Add code that sends strong, accurate signals to search engines about your business and brand
  • Set you up for future SEO efforts, so that as your business grows, you can be more strategic and sophisticated in your efforts


How long does an SEO Website Tune Up take and how much does it cost?

The SEO Website Tune Up can take anywhere from one week to a month depending on the current state of your website and presence online.

The cost of an SEO Website Tune Up fee is dependent on the current website’s overall health.

Give me a call to discuss your site needs today.

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Unlike a lot of other SEO companies I realise that not all websites need a fully fledged search engine optimisation program.

Since my SEO Tune-Up covers all the essential elements of any successful SEO campaign this work needs to be done no matter what SEO package or program you are doing.

In fact, the majority of my clients are content with just the SEO Tune-Up service since I have a success rate of over 95% in getting a 1st page rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Get the fast results you deserve, and the tools you need for your continued online success.


The SEO Tune-Up program gets you results fast! If you're not listed in Google yet, you will be within days after using my service! Not only that, I will improve your current rankings, as well as get you more rankings with all major engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

"SEO is a game of inches. Put a few feet between you and your Competition." That's what I do for you!
  • Optimise your Website for all Major Search Engines
  • Improve your Websites Visibility Online
  • Increase Traffic, Sales and Leads to your Website
  • Bring you more Targeted Visitors
  • Grow your On-line Sales and Customer Base
  • Maximise your Search Engine Ranking
  • Improve your Web Marketing Strategy
  • Generate new Business Enquiries
  • What's missing?
  • Are all of my pages linked and visible in search engine results?
  • What do I need to update or do to improve my site?
  • What websites or directories can I participate in?
  • What other online tools can help me bring more traffic to my site?

I will help you get better rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing with a proven strategy that balances the need for SEO while keeping your costs very minimal.

The no contract SEO Tune-Up program allows you to get proven results without getting locked into a contract.

I want to help you to succeed, as your success is my success.

Take your business to the next level, Send me an email Today and I'll call you back.

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